March 15, 2020

Dear StudioKicks Community, 


We believe the safety of our community is the most important to us.  As much as we want to continue to keep our doors open we will be doing our part and following the CDC & Santa Clara County guidelines and close starting the week of March 16th for one week, until further notice. Our team stands by your health and well-being.  We will reevaluate the progress of the Pandemic and be in touch with you.  


As you know the spread of the virus has increased and social distancing is the most effective  way to combat the spread of the virus.  If we all do our part we will make a difference.  Right now the most important thing is to take care of ourselves & our families by staying home and monitoring our health and progress, and in this way we are taking care of the community.


We have the best people in our community.  Members have already asked us how they can help and be of support.  On behalf of all of us here at Studio kicks, we ask our community to please support us at this time by not suspending your membership.   We need your support more than ever during this situation and would appreciate it more than you know. 


Our intention during the closure is to reformat how to run classes, create work stations per the CDC guidelines (6 ft apart), set up strict cleanliness guidelines and schedules, set up online reservations systems, and set up possible online content so that we can offer classes online.  


During these uncertain times, we have choices we can make to move toward fear or have the courage to move toward love as we take another look at what it means to love ourselves and one another…one thing is clear, this is impacting the Whole World. As we take a deep pause from our life as usual, may we be moved by how precious this life is and all who are alive in this moment. May our prayers, thoughts and actions bring support to one another and may it be a time where humanity remembered what it means to be human.  In this space we wish you health and much laughter with all your loved ones, even the furry ones.


With love,


Sam, Jane & Studio Kicks Team