Fitness Classes

Unlike health clubs, which may involve complicated dance choreography, Studio Kicks focuses on solid execution of basic moves - and all our classes are completed in short, but very intense, 45-minute sessions.

K1 - Cardio Kickboxing

Level: Beginner - Advanced

This is a non-stop, intense cardio workout for all levels where students learn basic kickboxing skills and movements set to the rhythm of high energy music. K1 is a “non-contact” class and does not require gloves or special equipment.

Gloves are optional for this class.

K2 - Cardio Bag Class

Level: Beginner - Advanced

This high energy class is the next level up from the K1 Cardio Kickboxing class with an increased element of power and focus. K2 requires boxing gloves and involves light to medium contact kickboxing movements with water-filled wavemaster bags. An excellent complement to the K1 class and a great stress reliever!

Gloves are required for this class.

Power Kickboxing

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

This serious power kickboxing class is not for beginners, but for students who are currently doing K1 or K2 and wish to take their training to the next level. Intermediate and advanced students engage in conditioning and training drills typically found in mixed martial arts with emphasis on technique, power and focus. This class utilizes controlled contact and round-by-round action circuit training with heavy bags, Thai pads, focus mitts, and body shields - without the fighting, bumps, and bruises!

Gloves are required for this class.